Monday, August 21, 2006


Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and felt like utter crap. Like all of the blood has been drained from your body. Like you want to tear your face off and throw it at a rock, just because you don't have the energy to pick up the rock and hit yourself in the face with it. I am so drained today. Maybe I'll leave early.

Kevin Federline rocked the world last night.....I know that no one recorded it or watched it.....There were actually some funny moments. Dane Cook told Mischa Barton that there was something that he wanted to give her, ever since he watched her for the first time on "The OC"......then he handed her a sandwich. there was a funny moment. Jessica Simpson is a bit of horribleness, wrapped in a lot of horribleness and then dipped in horribleness!

Noah and I went to the library on Sunday and picked up a few books. All of the picture board books at the Huntington Beach Library are in a brightly colored boat in the middle of the children's section. So mothers will take their children in the boat and read with them, but if you sit in the boat, you are blocking all of the books on the shelves inside the boat. It's not a very big boat! So this woman was sitting in the boat with six kids! Noah and I could only look at about 15 books. Oh well, we got what we needed....

Ok....I'm bored with my blog today....

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