Tuesday, August 8, 2006

A Little Less Busy

I'm currently reading a book with a lot of behind the scenes information about Disneyland, so I thought I might share some of my new found Disneyland knowledge with you all. About how many pairs of sunglasses are turned into lost and found at the Magic Kingdom theme Park every day? The answer will be revealed after this.....

I saw this headline in the Los Angeles Times this morning: "U.S., France Agree On Plan to Halt Lebanon Fighting". Right under this headline, it should have read: Michael and His Next Door Neighbor Agree On Plan To Halt Iraq Fighting. Nobody cares about either plan....Hezbollah and Israel don't care about the U.S. and France plan.....and last time I checked, the government doesn't care what my neighbor and I think of Iraq.

And did you notice that the two countries agreed on a plan to "Halt Lebanon Fighting"? Isn't Israel fighting too? Besides, Jews are responsible for all of the wars.......Right Mr. Gibson?

Oh yeah....By the way.....Calling a female officer "Sugartits"? Very classy.

Here's the answer to the question of the day....Apparently, a daily average of 100 pairs of shades find their way to lost and found at the Magic Kingdom!

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