Thursday, August 24, 2006


Here's an interesting question....I've been thinking about the television "Saved By The Bell" recently, and I ran across this tid bit of information. On "Saved By The Bell", who achieved the highest SAT score? Was it Screech Powers? Zack Morris? Kelly Kapowski? Lisa Turtle? AC Slater? Jessie Spano?

Here's another fun question....What does AC stand for in AC Slater? By the way, AC Slater does rank very high in my Mullet Masterpiece poll.

Albert Clifford

Somewhere Clyde Tombaugh (the guy who discovered Pluto) is rolling over in his grave. Pluto, the only planet to be discovered by an American and the only planet discovered in the 20th century, has been demoted...and then there were eight.

Here are the SAT scores of our favorite high school kids. That's right! Zack Morris is smarter than you!

1. Zack (1502)
2. Screech (1220)
3. Jessie (1205)
4. Lisa (1140)
5. Kelly (1100)
6. Slater (1050)

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