Friday, August 4, 2006


Set your TIVO.....8:00 P.M.....Sunday, August 20, 2006. 2006 Fox Teen Choice Awards. It is reported that Kevin Federline will be closing out the show by performing his single "Lose Control" for the first time on network television. Sweet.

Speaking of black people! Woo hoo! You like that! Kevin Federline - Black! Ha!
I love nothing more then when a black person thinks someone is attacking them for the sole purpose that they are black. Take Mo'Nique for example.....She as flying on a United Airlines flight in first class, while her aide was sitting back in coach. While in the air, her aide tried to bring up a hair dryer to put in the overhead compartment in the first class area. The confrontation allegedly went like this:

"Tell your people (meaning Mo'Nique's assistants, not black people as a whole) that the next time they have an attitude, they are being thrown off. ... Since 9/11, we don't play around," one flight attendant allegedly told Mo'Nique.

"Are you equating my hair dryer with 9/11?" Mo'Nique said she retorted.

Anyway, they went back to Chicago O'Hare airport, damage control was done, and the scuffle was resolved. Mo'Nique then went on to co-host "The View" and talk on the "Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show" sating, and I quote "I felt like I was being treated like an animal, "This happens to black people all the time, and they don't have a voice. I have a voice. I won't fly United again, and I hope no other black person will fly them either."

I wasn't there, but I'm guessing it wasn't because she was black, I think it was because she was another thing that starts with a "b". Oh yeah, and it ends with "itchy".

On another note.... Dale Davis - Center for the Detroit Pistons - was arrested and TASERED the other night. Again, I wasn't there, so I don't know what happened, but here is what happened according to the report. It's pretty funny.

"After giving officers his identification, Davis and the officers went outside, where the 6-foot-11 player accused the officers of targeting him because he is black. Police said they asked Davis to remove his hands from his pockets for officer safety, and Davis complied after asking officers if they were going to shoot him.

Davis pulled out money, three cellular phones and credit cards. He put the items back in his pockets and said he'd beat up the officers if they took off their badges and got rid of their guns.

Davis then balled his fists and began walking toward officers in an aggressive manner, and he was warned that he would be hit with a Taser gun if he continued.

He didn't stop, and an officer used the stun gun to hit Davis in the chest and he fell to the ground. He was taken into custody and charged with assault, assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence."

He accused the officers of targeting him because he is black! I'm not saying they didn't....but if I was a police officer, and a black person said that to me, I think I would be a little more suspicious of his character.

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