Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I have never been a huge fan of the show "Survivor", but now I think I may have to watch it this season... There's going to be a new mix of contestants that are going to be put on teams according to their RACE! Yes!

Blacks vs. Whites vs. Asians vs. Latinos!

Are you a racist if you pick one team as your favorite?

You know what would be great! If they played on all the racial stereotypes.....And I wonder what kind of challenges they are going to have.....I hope there are no math test challenges, because the Asians would kick everyone's ass in that challenge. It's ok though, all of the other teams would make up round in the driving challenge! Come on guys, they're just stereotypes....laugh out's's good for your heart.

Ok fine.....since I'm expecting backlash from you oversensitive people......They should have a competition to see who's the best at watching cars drive around an oval for five hours!

And you know what's more fun! The contestants include heavy-metal guitarist, a female police officer who has been shot in the line of duty, a Vietnam War refugee who manages a nail salon and a gay fashion director for a denim company!!!!!!!

Oh man, the more and more I think about this.....pitting races against each other on one of the more watched shows in television history......this can't be good....

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