Friday, September 1, 2006


Noah had a fever last night of 104 degrees....Pretty scary....He felt a lot cooler when I left the house this morning though. I hope he feels better today.

The television is back! And it works! Mmmmm....65 inches of goodness....

How does someone with sooooo little talent, get so many opportunities to show off his talentlessness? Kevin Federline is going to appear on three episodes of "Entourage"? He has been cast to play a deadbeat husband of a celebrity. I wonder how he is going to pull that one off. Seriously? Come on now...."CSI" and "Entourage"? When are we going to see Kevin Federline on "Lost" or "The Sopranos"?

Remember Kyra Phillips? The lady whose microphone was on during the Bush press conference. Well, apparently, she was talking about how great her husband is, then mentioned that her sister-in-law is "a control freak". Originally, I didn't know that she was saying the her husband was great and all that....but it's going to be a tense Thanksgiving dinner at her house this year. Well, she was on the Late Show with David Letterman to give the "Top Ten Kyra Phillips Excuses". Good job Kyra, way to go! That is a great sense of humor!

Top Ten Kyra Phillips Excuses Presented by CNN's Kyra Phillips:

10. "Still haven't mastered complicated On/Off switch."

9. "Larry King told me he does this all the time."

8. "How was I supposed to know we had a reporter embedded in the bathroom?"

7. "I honestly never knew this sort of thing was frowned upon."

6. "Couldn't resist chance to win $10,000 on `America's Funniest Home Videos."'

5. "I was set up by those bastards at Fox News."

4. "Oh, like YOU'VE never gone to the bathroom and had it broadcast on national television!"

3. "I just wanted that hunky Lou Dobbs to notice me."

2. "OK, so I was drunk and couldn't think straight."

1. "You have to admit, it made the speech a lot more interesting."

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