Monday, October 9, 2006


Has anybody else seen the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book? I'm going to take the trivia questions straight from the online catalog and use them for my blog....

1. How long did it take all 60 Maserati Quattroportes, at $125,000 each, to sell out from the 2004 Christmas Book?

2. At $35 Million, what was the most expensive gift ever offered in the Christmas Book?

3. In 1967, they offered a fanciful wig made of what unusual material?

Do you like writing in style? Try the Mont Blanc Diamond Pen. I'm going to stick with my Papermate pens....but hey, if you can afford a $160,930.00 pen....go for it!

If you're still looking for something to get me for Christmas....Neiman Marcus offers a Virgin Galactic Charter to Space for only $1,764,000.00.

"You've wished upon a star, tried to find the man in the moon, and secretly still want to be an astronaut (remember when you were 8 years old?). Now, for the first time, the heavens are truly within reach, when you charter Virgin Galactic for the journey into space. It may sound like science fiction, but it's very real indeed."

"The Burton-Rutan designed SpaceShipOne® has already completed three space missions and won the $10 million Ansari X Prize® for the first private space flight. Now, funded by Virgin, Rutan is building a larger, commercial version of SpaceShipOne exclusively for Virgin Galactic" (and) "is on schedule to begin regular private space travel in 2009."

"Your six-passenger charter begins with three days of medical assessments and training for the astronauts-to-be. When your systems are go, your group will board SpaceShipTwo® and fly off attached to a launching aircraft."

"About 10 miles up, the countdown will occur in mid-air. SpaceShipTwo will detach, fire its custom-designed hybrid rocket, and propel you into the majesty of space. Most astronauts have trouble describing the ethereal, awe-inspiring view of Earth from the silence of space; your six travelers won't have to put it into words. About 63 miles above sea level, you will also experience weightlessness firsthand."

"After gliding back to Earth with a runway landing, it's off to Sir Richard Branson's private island retreat in the British Virgin Islands for each astronaut and a guest. Your party of 12 will enjoy luxury accommodations on Necker Island and four nights of all-inclusive festivities. Sir Richard will host an exclusive celebration and personally present each member of your flight with a set of Virgin Galactic astronaut wings."

"With events on land, in the air, and in space, this is the ultimate getaway. For more information on a gift package that is genuinely out of this world, please call 877.9NM.GIFT."

Here are the answers to the trivia questions....

1. All 60 Maserati Quattroportes, were sold out in four minutes!

2. The most expensive gift ever offered in the Christmas Book was a 120-passenger Boeing jet!

3. The wig was made of 24-karat gold and weighed 10 pounds!

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