Monday, October 23, 2006

Everybody Loves Peter

Peter Boyle, best known for his role as Frank Barone in the "Everybody Loves Raymond" television show, recently enjoyed a birthday. Did you know that in 1990, Peter suffered a stroke and was unable to talk for 6 months? Ok, trivia question of the day.....Who was the best man at Peter Boyle's wedding to Loraine Alterman, his wife of 29 years?

Well, Jerry and I visited a corn maze is Los Angeles this weekend. Between getting lost, traffic, and not being able to find a gas station in Orange County, it took us about 3 hours to get to the stupid maze. We entered the haunted corn maze behind a group of five teenagers.... The actors would jump out at the teenagers, they would scream and let Jerry and I know that the guy was around the corner. It took all the fun out of the maze. However, if any of those teenage boys in front of us read my looked really cool when you screamed like girls whenever somebody jumped out of the corn. What made the night fun was watching one of the teenage gentlemen, scared by one of the actors, run backwards and fall on his ass.... Good times.

Interesting news story today....Mr. Lawrence Roach had been married for 18 years when his wife decided that she wanted to have a sex change. So, his wife left him, changed her sex on her driver's license and has been living as a man since she left in preparation for her sex change surgery. Mr. Roach now has $1,200.00 taken out of his paycheck every month to pay his wife alimony. So, unless his ex-wife, ex-husband, whatever you want to call her or him, gets remarried, he has to pay her $1,200.00 a month for the rest of her life.

To answer the question above, "The Beatles" John Lennon was best man at Peter Boyle wedding. Peter's wife was a reporter for "Rolling Stone", when she met and became good friends with Yoko Ono. Through that relationship, Peter met and became best friends with Mr. Lennon.

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