Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Money Than God

If you've been to Vegas recently, you've seen this Casino.

It's named after its developer....Mr. Steve Wynn. It is the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas. This guy also built The Mirage Hotel and The Bellagio. For those of you who have never been to Las Vegas.....A night at The Bellagio or The Wynn Hotel will cost at least $300.00. And that's a weeknight....You're looking at spending at least $500.00 on a room for a Friday or Saturday night....for the cheapest room in the place....The Wynn Hotel has its own golf course and its own man made lake and mountain for goodness sake.

Anyway...I was sidetracked....Sorry!.....Here's what I wanted to talk about...Mr. Wynn has an eye disease that disrupts his peripheral vision. While showing off one of his paintings to a couple of friends....and when I say one of his paintings, I mean "Le Reve," painted by a little known artist named Pablo Picasso.

Anyway, while showing off one of his paintings to a couple of friends, he accidentally put his elbow through the painting, causing a tear in the canvas. He looked at it, turned around, and said: "Hey, at least I did it." You'd think he'd be a little shaken up....seeing that he had recently sold the painting for $139,000,000.00!!!!! and all that was left to do was put the piece of art in a crate to ship to the buyer. It must be nice to have more money than god....

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