Sunday, October 8, 2006


The likeness of the new bachelor, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, to Balki Bartokomous, or as you may know him, Bronson Pinchot, is incredible. I wonder if Cousin Larry will make a cameo. Did you know that "Perfect Strangers" was on television for eight seasons! For those of you who are old enough to remember "Perfect Strangers", what actress from "Everybody Loves Raymond" was nominated for an Emmy for her role in "Perfect Strangers"?

Ok, so his album hits store shelves on Halloween. He's got the video for his song "Lose Control" on his MySpace site. He is such a douche nozzle.

Fantastic new lyrics from his new song "Privilege". Badness in its purest form.

It's going down like a fresh pair of panties, Cab looked better than a couple pair of Grammy's.
You understand me, the city is mine,
so I do like the roll, I twist and wind.

Grab your purse, hop in the two seater,
I've got a stash spot big enough to fit two heaters,
One for me, and one for my girl,
Bonnie and Clyde ready to conquer the whole world.

I got Gucci on, she got Prada,
She calls me daddy, but she's not my daughter,
And I'm not her father, I'm just a mack,
I got tired of drugs, so I switched to rap, like that.

How about "Arrested Development"? Do you remember that show? Well, George Michael has a band!!!! You can check out his MySpace at "The Long Goodbye Band". Finally, the answer you've been waiting for......Doris Roberts was nominated for playing Mrs. Bailey in the "Maid To Order" episode.


  1. haha douche nozzle ... how have I not heard that phrase yet?

    and that guy's lyrics are amazing! who is that prince among men?

  2. Brad! You've never heard or Mr. Kevin Federline?


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