Thursday, October 5, 2006


Colleen suggested that I change the format of my blog. She thinks that I should post the trivia question, then answer it in my next blog. What do you guys think?

Ok, so here's the trivia question for today. The question is threefold.

1. Martin Scorsese - Director of such films as 'The Aviator', 'Gangs of New York', 'Cape Fear', 'The Color of Money', 'Raging Bull' and 'GoodFellas'. Writer of 'GoodFellas' and 'The Age of Innocence'! How many Academy Awards has Martin Scorsese won?

2. What infamous music video did Martin Scorsese direct?

3. What African-American actor, at the very beginning of his career, had a role in that music video at the young age of 25?

The NBA is going to use a new ball during games this year. Here's a picture of it. I'm done with that story.

Has anyone here seen the Greg Berhendt Show? I saw one minute of his show while sitting at the Sacramento Airport. It is the worst show ever....and I was able to come to that conclusion after watching only one minute of the show! He was talking about pets ruining relationships...and he tried to pull a "Top 5" or "Top 10" list like David Letterman. Well, you want to know the number two reason you might know that your pet is ruining your relationship? He text messages you when he's hungry to let you know he's ready to eat! What the hell! Greg Berhendt needs to be killed.... I went to the show's website to find a recap of the show....the recap includes this comment.....:

"Have you ever seen a dog and its owner dance together? We were all amazed to see it today."

You were amazed! Die!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, and get a last name that maybe one person in the world can spell!

Finally, I was reading the sports news, and I came across this headline...

"Business Exec Signs Agreement to Buy Pens"

He's actually buying the Pittsburgh Penguins from Mario Lemiux.

Ok, here's the answer to the trivia question....

1. The infamous Mr. Scorsese has been nominated SEVEN times, but has NEVER won!

2. Martin Scorsese directed the music video for Michael Jackson's 'Bad'.

3. Wesley Snipes played Mini Max in the video.

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  1. Hello! I saw your name pop up on some of 'The Non-Reviews' comments so I decided to check out your blog ...

    I enjoy seeing people's first posts (just plain interesting to me) so I came back to your beginnings and I'm enjoying this!

    Your review of berhendt's show (I had to look at the tag so I could spell it right) cracked me up.

    Also congrats for keeping up with blogging!


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