Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I Need To Go Home!

Heather Mills McCartney is starting to bring out the big guns, telling the press that Paul McCartney pushed her into a bathtub, stabbed her with a broken wine glass, and hid her leg from her! I was wondering why she didn't tell anybody....but the I figured that she probably told her friend that has no arms and no legs that lives in a safe and comes calling when you die....his name is Will....oh...and her friend that has no arms and no legs that lives on a tennis court....her name is Annette.....or maybe her friend with no arms and no legs that lives on a mountain....his name is Cliff.....Or her friend that has no arms and no legs that lives on the beach....his name is Sandy! Oh man...Stop me!

Back on July 11, I wrote that Elvis Presley was the "Top Earning Dead Celebrity" in 2005 as reported by Forbes Magazine. Well, "The King" has been dethroned. Kurt Cobain has launched to the top spot as the "Top Earning Dead Celebrity" in 2006, earning approximately $50,000,000 in 2006.

Will somebody buy me the Kevin Federline "Playing With Fire" CD? Colleen refuses to buy it for me and has actually said "I forbid you to buy that album!"
If you have some time, watch this clip of Kevin Federline on WWE Raw.....He's such a douche nozzle!

On a final note, how did the entire world get the idea that the new Spears-Federline kid was named Sutton Pierce, when his actual name is Jayden James? And with a name like that, how is nobody going to mistake him for a female porn star? And what about this kid Madonna stole? The father's name is Yohane Banda and the name he and his wife came up with is David? What's the deal? Sounds like they were preparing him to work at an AOL customer service call center!

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