Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Stem Cell Research

This blog is a little long, but bear with it....it's a good one.

If you haven't heard about it yet, watch this clip of Faith Hill being a sore loser! It is hilarious! This is one of the best unscripted moments in television history.

Today is election day, I am soooo glad that there will be no commercials for these propositions for a while. I had been looking for the ad with Patricia Heaton from "Everybody Loves Raymond" coming out against stem cell research. You can't help but laugh when Kurt Warner, former Super Bowl MVP says "Why does it cost $28,000,000 blah blah blah?" Hey Kurt Warner? How come you couldn't spend more than $15.00 on your commercial? Come on! Jesus opens and closes your commercial! Watch the low budget piece of crap that will probably convince Missourians to vote against stem cell research.

Is there anyone that reads my blog that is against stem cell research?

And if you get a chance....read the comments from viewers of the commercial....You'll get to see gems like:

"Liberals only "tolerate" those that agree with their ultra-left extremist social views about morality. Gay marriage. Abortion. Restrictions to religious freedom. Higher taxes of hard workers to pay for the services of the lazy. These are the beliefs of the leaders of the Democratic Party. Don't be fooled!"

I just love how liberals pull out the Jesus card whenever it's convenient for them... You libs think you're immune from criticism on any issue just because you have no principles yourself. As far as the elections go.. I'd almost like for you libs to win so we don't have to LISTEN TO YOUR WHINING for the next 4 years!! How do YOU know about the Jesus aspect of Christianity? Grow up, lib."

"Being totally uninformed is a trait of you liberal morons. When you say conservatives are, you're just projecting your own shortcomings."

"5 celebrities against 1. Talent Wins. Missouri wins. Goodnight, Democrats."

Those are just a few of the dumbest statements I have ever heard. There are over 200 comments just like those pertaining to the video. I hate stupid extremists. Just wait until 6 celebrities come out in a commercial promoting stem cell research! Boy, the republicans will be screwed when that happens!

And why is a guy who played Jesus, two baseball players, an old football player, and the mom from "Everybody Loves Raymond" trying to tell people what to do with their bodies? Whoo! That is firepower! Was Gary Coleman busy? What about Kevin Federline or Paris Hilton? Did they have previous engagements? Was Lindsay Lohan exhausted or dehydrated? Well, at least they were able to get Patricia Heaton, I mean, she did have roles in movies such as Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Beethoven and Space Jam!

Kurt Warner tells us that: "Scientists now say that there won't be any cures for at least 15 years!" Who wants to wait 15 years for the cures for such diseases as cancer and AIDS?!?!?! Am I right!?!? It didn't take Jesus 15 years to walk on water! It didn't take Jesus 15 years to turn water into wine! Do me a favor, if you see either Patricia Heaton or Janeane Garofalo (I hate the extreme left too!) walking down the street, punch them in the face! Actually, punch Janeane Garofalo twice, once for her extreme views on politics, and once for her crappy movies and miserable stand-up comedy routine.

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