Friday, February 9, 2007

Star Wars IV: The Force Takes Chewbacca

Another fun trivia question for Washington Redskins fans. In 1974, the Washington Redskins offered a professional wrestler a contract to play professional football. The wrestler turned down the football contract to make far more money as a wrestler. Which wrestler was offered a contract by the Redskins?

As you walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you pass by the beautiful and historic Grauman's Chinese Theater. Every day, you can walk by the theater and see panhandlers dressed up as stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Superman, offering to pose with tourists for a nominal fee.

Well, sometimes the panhandlers can be a bit aggressive. In probably the best news story ever, a 6-foot 4-inch tall man, dressed in a hairy Chewbacca costume was aggressively offering to pose for a picture with two asian tourists on a guided tour. The tour guide did not appreciate Chewbacca bothering his customers, so he yelled "Stop bothering the tourists!"

Infuriated by the tour guide's comment, Chewbacca screamed "NOBODY TELLS THIS WOOKIEE WHAT TO DO!" and proceeded to headbutt the tour guide. Chewbacca was then arrested by police and taken away in his giant hairiness.

Well, that news story was a great segue into the answer to the trivia question. Both Chewbacca and the wrestler were hairy, large and had very little grasp of the english language. Nobody got this one, huh? Oh well, the answer is Andre the Giant. And for those of you who still don't know who he is, he's the big guy from "The Princess Bride" movie.

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