Sunday, April 6, 2008

Holy Moses

The late Charlton Heston, winner of the Best Actor Academy Award for his work in the movie "Ben Hur", passed away this Sunday. He famously played Moses in the movie "The Ten Commandments". What other role did he have in the movie "The Ten Commandments"?

Colleen, Noah and I arrived here in Maryland on Friday to visit Grandmom and attend a Housing and Urban Development class. I started talking to Grandmom on Saturday night about Leo.

Grandmom told me that she had heard about a young Marine coming back from duty, who was going to be attending her church, and she had told the priest that she was looking forward to meeting the young man. That young man was Leo…..

Also, Leo was walking to the church with his parents and saw Grandmom running across the street, he pointed her out to his parents and told them that this was the girl he was going to marry.

Most of you probably already knew this story, but it was the first time I had heard it, and I thought it was cute….. So you will all have to hear it again….. Sounds like a scene in a movie doesn’t it?

So….. I wouldn’t had known the answer to this trivia question either, so don’t feel bad. Charlton Heston also played the Voice of God in the movie "The Ten Commandments". On a side note, Charlton Heston’s son, Fraser Clarke Heston, played Moses as an infant in the movie.

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