Tuesday, May 13, 2008


There was an interesting article on USATODAY.com the other day about a little channel called QVC. Did you know that QVC was founded in 1986 by Joseph Segel, who also founded the Franklin Mint, a direct seller of collectibles in 1964?

Well, there was a little bit of extra trivia that came out of this article..... How many can you answer?

Can you Guess?

1. What QVC stands for?

2. The Amount Of Dollars In Sales In 2007?

3. The Amount Of Orders Typically Received Per Hour?

4. The Number of Units Delivered To Customers Worldwide Last Year?

5. The Number of Products Offered On Air Annually?

6. The Number of People Who Auditioned To Be A QVC Host Last Year?

7. The Number Of New Hosts Selected?

8. The Number Of Unique Visitors To QVC.com In March?


1. Quality, Value and Convenience

2. $7.4 billion dollars

3. 15,000

4. More than 166 million

5. About 60,000

6. More than 3,000

7. Three

8. 4,200,000

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