Wednesday, December 17, 2008


(March 16, 1922 - November 22, 2008)

Today we laid to rest a man who was a vital part of my life. John William "Bunky" Connolly was a man whose love for his country was only surpassed by the love for his family. With a smile that could brighten a room, Bunky was a warm spirit that was able to strike up a conversation with anyone, whether you were someone who had known him his entire life or the new cashier at Costco selling him a bunch of bananas (did you know that the savings on bananas alone will more than make up for the cost of the membership?).

Bunky lived a life of service to the United States of America, including time as a federal fire chief in Spain to time as a decorated United States Marine, earning two Purple Hearts during World War II after being shot twice.

There was no mistaking when Bunky entered a room. He would make everyone smile with his rhymes and jokes. And whether he knew you or not, the instant he met you, you felt like part of his family.

The ceremony was beautiful and full of tears. After tearful remembrance speeches from his children, we left to the cemetery to bury his ashes. After a solemn version of "Taps", there was an emotional delivery of the flag to Bertha by the United States Marines.

Even though these unfortunate circumstances brought the family together, many of us were there, and that's what Bunky loved most, our family spending time together.

To a fantastic father, grandfather and friend, we will miss you very much Bunky. I love you.

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