Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Not An I.O.U, It's An F.U.!

Our accountant prepared our taxes yesterday, and we should be getting small returns from both the federal government and the state. However, since our state (California) does not have any money, and does not know when it will get more money, we're not going to receive the money from the State of California anytime soon. As the accountant said, "It's Not An I.O.U, It's An F.U.!"

The State of California has said that if you owe the state money, you better pay them before April 15, but if they owe you, they have no responsibility to make sure you get paid anytime soon.

The state government also raised sales tax, doubled the vehicle registration fees, and cut funds for education and health care programs.

I remember when Gray Davis was being ousted as governor because he tripled the vehicle registration fees. Arnold Schwarzenegger ran on a platform that he would not raise taxes, especially the vehicle registration fees. Are we supposed to spend another billion or so dollars to recall

Is Obama going to be able to get us out of this recession? Is the commercial mortgage market going to crash? Is the credit card market going to crash? What is going on with America?

Maybe it's time to move to Canada!

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