Monday, April 14, 2008


Did you know that Apple now sells more music online than Walmart sells over the counter?

So, we're returning from our trip from the east coast and I thought I'd share with you a couple of fun tidbits and things I've learned during our trip.

1. Colleen can't say Mythbusters.

2. As Grandmom is telling us "I would hate to have Alzheimer's Disease, it must be horrible." She takes a fork full of food and hits herself in the chin.

3. I passed my HUD inspection class. I'm one of five people who passed the class, and one of nine people the class started with.

4. People on the Metro are unsocial, and quite unresponsive when you try to start the wave throughout the metro car.

5. Uncle Daniel is a talented triangle player.

6. Stomp The Yard is an awesome movie!

7. Jennifer will physically attack you if you play the 'Mosquito Ringtone' anywhere near her.

8. Wes loves housework.

9. I thought I did at first, but I realized that I'm not quite sure why the grilled onions provided at the hot dog stands have a weird wet tomato sauce.

10. I have a double in Hollywood. Most of the East Coast Winters family (Richard, Mary, Sean and Kevin) are convinced that I am Jerry Trainor (Spencer, the older brother from the Disney Channel show ICarly.)

11. Don't you dare, ever, ever, ever FUCK WITH GRANDMOM'S MANHATTAN!!!!!

12. Grandmom sent us out the door telling us a joke about oral sex. I was able to get some of the good stuff on video here…. Just click this link! Grandmom's Great Joke!

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