Friday, July 18, 2008

Something Store

The other day I heard about this site called It's a fun little site that puts a little excitement in the mail. I can't begin to describe it as well as they can.... so here's a little bit about it.....

SomethingStore is a fun new website that operates simply: We will send you something, an item selected randomly among many things from our inventory, for $10 (free shipping in the US) and you will find out what your something is when you receive it. What will yours be?

Your Something May Be Anything
It may be something you need, something you want or something you desire.

Yours may be a cool gadget, rare book, table game, handmade necklace, reverse clock, box of gourmet chocolates, set of shiny shower curtains, popular video game, big-box retailer gift card, the latest version of a software, a set of kitchen knives, a pair of designer jeans, garden tool, kitchen appliance, unique home decor item, electronic equipment, magazine subscription, office supply item, or ... Your something will most likely be brand new, though it may also be refurbished or antique.

Anything But ...
For legal reasons and per our company policies, some restrictions do apply. We do not provide any items or services that are illegal to trade in United States, for example. Full list of exclusions is here:
Something ... Not .

Michael here: As soon as I saw this site, I knew I had to try it. I wasn't expecting anything special, but I had heard that someone received a desktop computer. As long as I received something I could use, I'd be happy.

On Thursday, I ran down to the leasing office, like a child on Christmas, to pick up my package from the Something Store. After a little fumbling with the box, this is what I saw:

After a little research I found out that I had received a pair of Anti Glare, Night Driving, Computer and Shooting Goggles with Foam Cushions and Black Frames.

They're not the most stylish things in the world, but I pull them off 'cause I'm rad.

Let me know if you order from the Something Store and what you got!

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