Friday, April 3, 2009


Another amazing tool created by man! The Lunocet is an invention created by engineer Ted Ciamillo. It's a 2.5-pound monofin made of carbon fiber and fiberglass that attaches to an aluminum foot plate at a precise 30-degree angle. The key to the 42-inch-wide fin's speed: its shape and angle, both of which are modeled with scientific precision on a dolphin's tail.

Lunocet users have already hit about eight miles per hour, nearly twice as fast as Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Michael Phelps at his speediest. TWICE AS FAST!!! Using the Lunocet, some swimmers are close to being able to breach completely out of the water, like whales! The Lunocet can be purchased for only $1,500.00! I don't know why that seems cheap to me....

Now I need to learn how to communicate with marine life, and I'll be prepared when Black Manta tries to rise again!

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