Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Little Art

Check out these amazing little pieces of art created by an artist in Finland, named Mari Kasurinen. Mari is selling them for £330 (Approximately $470 US) each and will ship them anywhere in the world... What a fun idea... Talk about thinking outside the box... I think I'll stick with the $5.00 My Little Pony from Toys'R'Us, but the rest of you should definitely help support a starving art student.

My Little Stormtrooper

My Little Slave Princess Leia

My Little Han Solo

My Little Chewbacca

My Little Skeletor

My Little He-Man

My Little Bride Kill Bill

My Little Joker

My Little Batman and Robin

My Little Jack Sparrow

My Little Edward Scissorhands

My Little Crybaby

My Little Alien

My Little Elvis

You can see the rest of her My Little Pony Art collection at her site at:

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