Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Obameter

"I want you to hold our government accountable. I want you to hold me accountable." - Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has been President of the United States for almost two-and-a-half months now, and has been as busy as ever (at least I hope so) trying to get the United States out of the rut we're in...

One website has created the "Obameter". Leave me alone, I didn't name it....

So, Obama made 514 promises to the American people during his campaign for the his current position as President, and the "Obameter" is tracking each promise he made. You'll see whether he's kept his promise, broken his promise, worked out a compromise, whether the promise is in the works or stalled, or whether there's been no action at all.

As of today, he's kept or compromised 29 of 33 of his promises. That's pretty good. We'll see if he can stay above 80%. What do you think is a reasonable percentage? Of course 100% would be unrealistic.... Do you think it's ok if Obama is only able to keep 60% of his promises? 50%?
Less than 50%?

You can keep track of his promises with the "Obameter" at:

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