Friday, May 22, 2009

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #8 - Answer

I just finished watching the entire series of "My So Called Life" on DVD.

Screw "My So Called Life"! How dare this show take my gentle soul and crush it into a million pieces. I am not happy! Are Angela Chase (played by Claire Danes) and Brian Krakow going to get together? Is she going to stay with Jordan Catalano (played by Jared Leto)? What's going to happen with the gay friend? Or the druggie friend? Or the goodie two-shoes friend? Will there be harmony ever again? It just ended with a season 1 cliffhanger! There are so many doors left open!!!!!!! I need to know what happens!!!!!!! Please god!!!!!!! I need to know what happens!!!!!!!

I've looked everywhere! Not one person gives any kind of closure as to what could have happened after the first season. And when I say I looked everywhere, I mean I looked at the first two sites that came up when I googled "My So Called Life Season 2".

By the way, Colleen, you're right. Jordan Catalano is dreamy!!!!

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