Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Screw Lamont!

All right. I have one thing to say. Screw the City of Lamont! It smells like sulfur, and it's 95 degrees at 10:00 pm.

I'm staying at a creepy motel, called the Budget Inn. There are cigarette ashes all over the room, I'm afraid to take my socks off, and I'm not even able to enjoy the free Playboy Channel because I found what I can only assume is a pubic hair on what were supposed to be my clean sheets.

So, I'm writing this blog, while sitting in a chair near the room's window, wondering if I'm going to enjoy breakfast at 'Le McDonald's' or 'Le Jack in The Box'. Both of which were recommended to me when I asked the manager of the hotel, "Where is a nice place to eat breakfast around here?"

I'm not going to post "Can You Guess This TV Theme" today. I'm too consumed by the pair of eyes, I can only hope I am imagining, are staring at the me through the motel's bathroom windows. Why are they clear? Aren't the windows in bathrooms supposed to be frosted?

So, I'm going to post a video.... If you were a geek at any point during the previous 35 years, you should be able to relate to this video.... Laugh at me, I dare you, I'll throw my twelve-sided die and attack you with my goblin sword....


  1. LOL! That is great but I liked the version with what I believe was Summoner characters doing the parts.

  2. I am sure I would think this was hysterical but I am still picturing you tiptoeing around your motelroom in socks.

  3. You know, I can't say that I've ever heard anything positive about middle California! It does not sound nice!


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