Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MVPuppets 8

The Los Angeles Lakers championship parade is today. So you know what that means.... More of the puppet commercials.

Here's the thing.... I appreciate Kobe and LeBron, their talents and their athleticism. I'm not typically in awe of someone's physical abilities, but a couple of years ago I was listening to a Kobe Bryant interview, and a reporter asked Kobe about a play in the game where he jumped into the air with the ball in one hand, did a 180 degree turn, put the ball in his other hand, and then slam dunked the basketball. Kobe replied with, 'Well, I saw the defender, and I made the decision to switch hands and dunk the ball on the other side so there was no chance it could be blocked.' Of course I paraphrased that, but I just jumped in my office and I was barely able to think about landing on two feet. So, I'm just saying, don't go with him if he tells you that he wants to show you his trophy in his hotel room, but at least get him to sign a coffee cup.


  1. hahaha... I just think even Kobe should be able to get a friggin cup of coffee without being bombarded by obnoxious people.

    Plus, you know, I just don't give a shit.

  2. LOL, I actually have to agree with Chelsea. Its one thing to be out at an event knowing you will sign stuff, but not when your out with your kids to get coffee! I did say Erin should have at least said hey great job on the big win!

    WTF Chelsea? You don't like me enough to read my blog?

  3. I read both. I just hardly ever respond to either, because I don't give a fuck about what you guys blog about. this one had something sort of directed at me. Blog about me Jerr and I'll comment. hahaha...

    actually I often read from my phone, and I haven't figured out commenting from it. I'm not sure I can. Well plus you guys usually have videos or sound clips, which I can't access from my phone, so...


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