Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bucks For Bullets

This sounds like a setup.... And if it's not a setup, it sounds like a lot of work.... Cory A. Booker, the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, is offering $1,000.00 to rat out people who own illegal firearms. That's all you have to do.... Sounds easy, right?

Well, first, you have to call the anonymous tip line and report the crime, and they give you a pin code..... Easy.

Then, you call back a month later to find out if the anonymous tip led to an arrest. If it did, you get a second pin number. Easy.

Finally, you just take the two pin numbers to the bank, and they give you $1,000.00! Easiest money ever made....

One more step. You have to be the unemployed guy from New Jersey, who has to explain to all his thug friends from New Jersey, how you can afford those new shiny $1,000.00 rims for his 1992 Honda Accord.

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