Wednesday, July 8, 2009

People Love Themselves Some Michael Jackson

After posting the 'Paris Jackson's Memorial Speech' video on YouTube, it received more comments than all 55 of the other videos I have posted - combined!

Here's a question.... Why can't people spell Michael? It's not Micheal. Oh well, I understand, they probably haven't seen the name Michael anywhere during the past two weeks.... Oh wait, you see it everywhere!

Here's are some of my favorite (to make fun of) comments:

"So Sad. Im Really Crying Right Now.R.I.P Michael Jackson. Best Person EVER. "

"I thought MJ would come back at one of his tours and just start singing, and this would just be a joke, but I think it's real. And I don't think he would want to play a prank like that anway and make his fans mad. But I really wish this was just a prank. "

"omg. Don't you wish that like his death was all a prank in order to promote his COMEBAACK concert. Lol. (x Idk why, but it all seems really planned to me. Hahha. But, that's just me. ]: I hope that it is a prank though. But if it's not, Rest in paradise, Michael Jackson. We love you. (= "

"i was hoping mj was gonna pop out of the coffin and this all just was a joke."

Man I love the internet....

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