Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Parallel Parking

My wife was born and raised on the east coast. She had to parallel park their gigantic Dodge Ram Van every day, into teenie tiny parking spaces on busy streets.

I was born and raised on the west coast. I don't get the opportunity to parallel park very often. And when I do have the chance to squeeze my truck in between two other cars, it usually takes me three or four tries until I give up to go find another spot or I succeed (while my wife either laughs or yells at me).

This kid flawlessly parallel parks his monster truck in between his parents cars. He's four years old and he's already a better driver than I am....


  1. You can only dream about making those moves!

  2. I was actually in the same boat. I never really parallel parked in my life, but all of the sudden with Erin I was being forced too and I have to say I adapted quite well. Now I am a far cry from that kid but hey, if I ever have the chance to practice in a car I don't own, I will go for it!

  3. That's why I don't live in Annapolis. I remember being there for Plebe Weekend, when the families come out. And then everyone was trying to parallel park on Duke of Gloucester with the streets jammed and people walking through the traffic. It's crazy. I could never parallel park there.... I'd rather park a mile away and then walk home.

    I don't even like parking between two cars in a parking lot.

  4. Too bad the video's already down. Not seeing the kid's parallel parking moves doesn't make it any easier for me though. No matter how desperate I am for parking, there's still the risk of trying!


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