Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Accidental Dong

Here's the second blog recommendation for today.... Have you ever been on a walk, seen a group of puppies, and said to yourself, 'Hey, the markings on their faces look like penises!"? Then this is the blog for you... This guy has blessed us by taking pictures of inadvertent penises (it's penises right? Not penii?), and sharing them with the little people.... By the way, the site is safe for work, there are no actual penises on the site. However, your co-workers might not understand your desire to look at accidental dongs. Here are a few pictures from the site.... If you click on the 'Accidental Dong" logo beneath the photos, you'll go directly to the blog....


  1. Why are random things that are part of everyday life that look like penises funny? Do you really have to ask that question?


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