Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Barack Obama Doesn't Care About Black People!

Jerry blogged last night about the tweet (is it a tweet? or a twit? or a twat?), about Barack Obama calling Kanye West a jackass for interrupting Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech a the MTV Video Music Awards....

I wasn't quite sure that it was real.... I would have assumed the President wouldn't have care to comment on this topic, at least not in this manner.... Anyway, here's the audio from the interview.... I'm liking Obama more and more every day....

On the other hand, Kanye West was on Jay Leno last night to give a public apology to Taylor Swift, and it all seemed to be going great until Jay asked him about his dead mother, then it just got uncomfortable....


  1. I couldn't play the audio but I'm feeling like a blog star now that you have blogged about my blog. :)

  2. Hey, give credit where credit is due.


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