Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let's Get Motivated With George W. Bush

Let's pack up the van and get ready to go San Antonio! $19.00 to have George W. Bush motivate your whole office? Who better to motivate us than one of the most despised men in the United States of America?

I do think it's pretty awesome that Bill Clinton makes millions of dollars for speaking at events, and can send your entire office to see George W. Bush and friends for $19.00.


  1. I bet after his speech someone adds "and do the opposite of what he just said." What does Terry Bradshaw talk about? How to lose your hair in 10 seasons.

    Yeah posting a video with funny and interesting comments is okay but just posting only videos is kinda dumb. I agree and disagree with

  2. Maybe he'll tell us that 'things can only get betterer.... They can not get worser.'


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