Monday, October 26, 2009

Lucy Marissa

Why was there no 7:00 A.M. post this morning?

I was delivering a baby this weekend!

Thanks to Melissa, Miranda, Dr. Barber and all of the other staff at Hoag Hospital for all of your help!

Welcome to the world Lucy Marissa!

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday to my wife!


  1. I was wondering why I didn't see a new blog post this weekend. Congrats!!

  2. WOW. This post came up under today's post, and I clicked it because I'd never seen it before! (For obvious reasons.) I think it's FANTASTIC that you thanked the nurses, the doctor whom we saw for a total of about 9 minutes all day long, and all of the staff at the hospital for helping YOU deliver a baby... Wow.


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