Monday, October 5, 2009

Noah's First Round Of Golf

Noah and I got an opportunity to play miniature golf this weekend and he was as cute as ever.... By the way, we played 36 holes, he got 2 holes in one.... I got 0 holes in one.... I must be a really good teacher.... Yeah.... That's it....

Noah stumped by the swinging log.

Noah lines up his putt.

Noah collects his golf ball after a very tricky putt.

Noah celebrating his first hole in one!

After celebrating his first hole in one, Noah has a moment of modesty.

Noah celebrating his second hole in one!

Noah celebrating his win!


  1. He is the cutest!

    Remember Michael

    Those who can, do
    Those who can't, teach

  2. Omg! I love that little boy!

    Michael, that was Honey's way of saying you did an AMAZING job teaching Noah to golf...

    Right, Honey? ;)

  3. Oh, I know that.... :) Miniature golf is hard!


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