Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best Prank Ever!

Why are the Japanese so awesome? I'm all for pulling pranks, but I am small time compared to the Japanese. I'm a 'cockroach under the bagel' kind of guy....

This is a video of a Japanese television show, where a couple of guy are set up in a meeting where the men they're meeting with are shot and killed by sniper fire. The men who are set up proceed to scurry and hide, until a 'police officer' runs into the room to protect help protect them. The 'police officer' eventually reveals that the whole thing was a prank and everyone has a good laugh and a change of pants....


  1. oh my god! In the US they'd be sued for millions of dollars for that! ;) It's not even really funny watching them fear for their lives... If I were on the jury in that kind of lawsuit, I'd be voting for big bucks to compensate for that ordeal. That's awful!

  2. I like how it didn't even really bother the third guy they pranked.... He just got on his knees and covered one ear as shots were fired and the three men around him fell to the ground....


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