Friday, November 27, 2009

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #24 - Answer

Two weeks in a row, two shows about odd couple adoptions.... I thought this theme was especially difficult to guess.....

Emmanuel Lewis is 'Webster', a young child adopted by Katherine and George Papadapolis, played by Susan Clark and Alex Karras.

Webster was orphaned after his parents, a former NFL teammate of George Papadapolis and his wife, were in a tragic car crash.... Webster is adopted soon after the loss of his parents, and everybody quickly learns lessons about love, life and laughter....

Again.... There's not too many interesting tidbits about 'Webster' floating around....

Did you know that Susan Clark and Alex Karras were married in real life? Or that Corin Nemec, who went on to play Parker Lewis in 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose', played young Nicky Papadapolis?

My favorite.... A little known comedian, he goes by the name of Jerry Seinfeld, was fired as a writer for 'Webster' after only a few episodes.

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