Monday, December 21, 2009

Before They Were Stars Trivia

I have to take a two hour drive (four hours round trip) to Fillmore, California to inspect a property today, so all I've got for you today are a couple of interesting trivia questions....

1. In keeping with Friday's Robin Williams theme.... In 1973, Robin Williams was one of approximately 2,000 students who auditioned for a spot in the prestigious Juilliard School of the Arts in New York City. Not only was Robin Williams one of only twenty students accepted into the freshman class, he was one of only two students accepted into Juilliard's Advanced Program. Who was the only other student accepted into Juilliard's Advanced Program with Robin Williams ?

Can you identify the future superstar riding on Bill Cosby's knee?

By the way, it was very saddening to hear the news about Brittany Murphy yesterday..... Take a chance and check out the direct-to-dvd release 'Ramen Girl'. The movie was unexpectedly good....


  1. 1. i think Christopher Reeves
    2. Alicia Keys- Rudy's slumber party I think
    3. Thanks for the recc!

  2. Ain't no way that's a chick in that pic (#2)

  3. I read it somewhere a long time ago in one of my ladie's magazines. I think I remember it mentioning she was in that ep bouncing on his knee

  4. You're right Lisa Marie! I should get prizes to give away....


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