Friday, December 11, 2009

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #26 - Answer

You guessed it! I thought 'Benson' was going to be one of the tougher shows to guess! Of course all of you know that Robert Guillaume, the star of 'Benson', played Benson DuBois, a character spinoff from his butler character in the sitcom 'Soap'. A cornucopia of hijinks ensued as he endured comical relationships with boss, Governor Gatling and his family, the governor's aides, and Miss Gretchen, as he climbed the ladder all the way to earn the post ofLieutenant Governor.

Did you know that Robert Guillaume was the voice of Rafiki in the Lion King movies?

'Benson' was the first show to demonstrate the use of the internet.... The computer network they were accessed was the ARPANET, which was an internet prototype used by the United States military and government.

Jerry Seinfeld's first on-screen performance was his 3 episode arc as 'Frankie' on 'Benson'! Maybe that was his inspiration for naming the main character 'Barry B. Benson' in the animated movie 'Bee Movie', which Jerry Seinfeld wrote and voiced the main character....

Did you know, that for his role in 'Benson', Robert Guillaume is the only African American to ever have won an Emmy for 'Best Actor In A Comedy Series'?


  1. had no idea about Seinfeld or that Robert Guillaume got an Emmy~ wow:)

  2. The first one I got by the 2nd or 3rd note!


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