Friday, December 18, 2009

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #27 - Answer

After the actor playing Mork gets frustrated and quits during a rehearsal during 'Happy Days', Garry Marshall allegedly sent his casting director to the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles to see a small comic named Jay Leno for the open role. The casting director saw Robin Williams perform and knew he was the person to introduce to Garry Marshall for the role of Mork the alien from Ork.....

Between the ad-libbing and his ability to make everybody laugh during his appearance on 'Happy Days' (I'm surprised 'Happy Days' didn't jump the Ork'), Garry Marshall pitches a Mork spinoff to ABC. ABC gave Marshall a shot, and cast Pam Dawber as Mindy, after seeing her in a shampoo commercial....

Alas, 'Mork and Mindy' was born.... Over four seasons, Mork absorbed Earth's cultures as his partner Mindy stumbled along for the ride....

Did you know that Robin Williams won a "Best TV Actor" Golden Globe for his role a Mork? Or that the house used in the show (still one of the most popular landmarks in Boulder, Colorado), was later used as the house where Larry and Balki settle down with their wives in the show 'Perfect Strangers', and was shown as the house that Myra (Steve Urkel's girlfriend) lived in on the show 'Family Matters'?

I would go into the whole Robin Williams having a cocaine habit, and his friend Jon Belushi's overdose and death cited as the reason Robin Williams quit using drugs (all of which happened during the Mork and Mindy's television run).... But that stuff is just too depressing.... Enjoy today's theme!


  1. I did not know about his award for Mork and Mindy! Wow! Funny, I just watched his most recent standup on HBO. Good stuff, he is a man with great talent.

  2. He's a great stand-up comedian.... His choices in movie roles are sometimes questionable.... But he's a great stand-up comedian.... lol

    Although I did hear great things about his acting in the movie 'World's Greatest Dad'.

  3. I thought the house in Perfect Strangers looked oddily similar to another show. I love Robin Williams, I'm looking forward to seeing his new stand up.


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