Friday, December 18, 2009

Can You Guess This TV Theme? #27

Sorry for the late post today.... It's been a bit of a hectic past couple of days....

Anyway..... This is a giveaway.... Everybody should know this theme.... Can You Guess This TV Theme?


  1. LOL Mork and Mindy huh? Well running dry?

  2. I'll go with M & M as well...dang thing is blocked at work

  3. No.... I've got a lot.... But I don't want to get too obscure....

    First I've got to go with a theme that doesn't include the show's name in the title....

    Then I try to find a theme that people can relate to.... I want people to hear the theme and say, 'Hmmmm.... It sounds familiar.... Yeah, I remember that show! Wow, it's been a while since I've watched that!'

    And then, when I give the answer, I try to give the minutiae about the show that's interesting, but not necessarily common knowledge....

    This show made me happy.... It reminds me of a time when Robin Williams was fresh....

  4. loved this show! I remember the ep of Happy Days when we first met Mork from Ork... good times

  5. Wasn't Mork from Ork on Laverne and Shirley as well? I might be mistaken but I believe I remember an episode or two.

  6. No, Mork was introduced to Laverne, by the Fonz, on 'Happy Days'.....


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