Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CBS Helps You Find The Perfect Gift!

Still looking for the perfect gift? CBS has some Christmas gift ideas for the special man or lady in your life....

Oh, and don't worry.... CBS is all about being an equal opportunity company.... They have ideas for Chanukkah gifts too!

Apparently prostate and pap smear exams are out of the question if you celebrate Kwanzaa....

By the way, I'm trying this new video format that should be viewable on cell phones and emails.... Let me know what you think (good or bad) about the quality and convenience of these videos.... Should I stick with this? Or use YouTube?


  1. Yeah, I don't know about those ideas for the holiday season. I think coal or maybe a tie or under wear would be more preferred.

    Oh and the videos by blogger are cool. I am still trying to figure out how to download the videos in the first place. LOL

  2. Damn it Jerry! Now I have to return your gift....

    Thank you for responding to the question Jerry.... I appreciate the answer!


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