Thursday, December 24, 2009

Classic Video Games For Christmas

Do you remember playing the Nintendo Entertainment System, Gameboy, or Sega games? There's a great emulator on the internet, there are hundreds of games for each system, and it's almost like playing the real thing....

If you love the old systems, give them
a try.... You won't be disappointed. There's nothing like playing Kid Niki, Metroid, Galaga or any of the original Mario Brothers games on the old 8-bit systems.... If you click on the Nintendo cartridge, it'll take you to the list of games to play on the Nintendo emulator.... If you click on the Gameboy cartridge, it'll take you to the list of games to play on the Gameboy emulator.... And so on, and so forth.... It's worth taking a little time this holiday weekend to check out the classics.... Merry Christmas Eve!

I tried entering the 'Konami Code' before I played Contra, unfortunately, it didn't work....


  1. lmao I remember getting my first Nintendo and playing Mario so much that I dreamt about it! And don't even get me started on Tetris! Loved NES and Super NES then we got Sega Genesis and I played a lot of Sonic and Aladdin! We are still big gamers around here! Just got Mario for Wii and it is AWESOME!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  2. it's a little coincidental that you write a video game post right after

    I remember when I got NES for Xmas and I woke up at 3am day after xmas and had to play again. Good times.

  3. Thanks you guys!

    Did anybody else need complete quiet whenever they were playing Nintendo? Whenever my brother would make a peep while I was playing 'Rad Racer', I would scream at him to shut up because I needed my concentration....

  4. Super Mario, good. Duck Hunt silly but fun. Tetris, eh. Spiderman? What?? Suck my 8-bit. LOL

    And what are you talking about? I still require complete silence when playing a game. =)

  5. Complete and utter concentration.... And then I would lose and I'd scream more! 'It's all your fault that I lost 13-0, playing 'Baseball Stars' on NES!'

  6. NES/Famicom for me is one of the best consoles ever. It is so popular that in China there are some companies that continue developing games (unlicensed by the way...) Buy Viagra Viagra


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