Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For A Limited Time Only

Another day, another drive to Fillmore, California and back.... I placed radon measurement canisters at an apartment complex on Monday, and today I have to go pick up the canisters and send them to the lab.... Two hours of driving there, and two hours back.... Did you know that, behind smoking, inhalation of radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer?

Anyway, back in February, I posted a blog about the Disney movie 'The Little Match Girl', based on the short story with the same name written by Hans Christian Anderson. It's a beautifully magical and tragic tale that I would recommend everybody watch.... And.... It's the perfect segue into today's topic.....

Animator Rodrigo Blaas, has taken some time off from his gig at Pixar to do some independent work. His first film, 'Alma', is fantastically beautiful and unbelievably creepy all at the same time.... While you're watching this, don't forget that it's created by one of the guys who helped animate 'Up' and 'Finding Nemo' (Have you seen the first fifteen minutes of 'Up' yet? I'm glad I was wearing the 3D glasses).... 'Alma' has won many awards, and Mr. Blaas has made it available to the public for a short time during the Christmas season.... Enjoy it, before it's taken away from us....

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