Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MVPuppets 10

I'm not quite sure where Nike plans to go with these MVPuppets commercials, but you've seen all of the other MVPuppets videos here..... Why not keep the tradition going.....

I understand the Kobe and LeBron relationship. Two of the best players in the NBA, both very popular and both polarizing figures.... The Kobe and LeBron puppet commercials are pretty funny, and I know you've been dying to find out who took LeBron's new shoes....

I'm not sure if I understand Nike's intentions with the Santa and Blitzen puppet commercials (Yes, I realize I'm a little late to the game with the Santa commercials).... I think someone had some extra puppet making material that he didn't know what to do with.... Who came up with the idea to make a menacing Santa and reindeer who want to throw down on the basketball court?


  1. I can honestly say I don't think they are as good as last years videos but I can't stop watching.

  2. Yeah, they do have an odd magnetism like effect.... Maybe it's because of David Alan Grier....

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