Thursday, December 17, 2009

R. Kelly Wants You To Have His Child

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name R. Kelly?

Ok, scratch that, what's the second thing you think of when you hear the name R. Kelly? That's right..... Lyrical genius! His work of art, "Trapped In The Closet", was so hilariously awesome, that it can only be defined as a work of art.... If you've never seen "Trapped In The Closet", R. Kelly's 22-part (so far) hip-hopera, you have not lived..... He seamlessly intertwines a tale of adultery, mystery, and hilarity in a repetitive ballad that could only have come from the mind of R. Kelly. And if that doesn't sell it for you, R. Kelly does all the voices. The whole series is on YouTube, and you can see them all if you click on the picture below....

Back to the reason I'm writing this post..... R. Kelly has struck gold again with his new song "Pregnant" from his new album "Untitled". The song is performed by R. Kelly with Tyrese and Robin Thicke, and it's horribly good.... It's so crazy and catchy, as is R. Kelly's style, that if you're as big of a fan of train wrecks as I am (e.g. Kevin Federline and VH1 Reality Shows) you will enjoy this song as much as I did.... It's so damn catchy that I find myself singing the song in my car, in my office, at the bank, at the grocery store.... It wouldn't be so bad if the lyrics weren't "Girl, you make me want to get you pregnant." So, without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

"Pregnant" by R. Kelly, Tyrese and Robin Thicke:


  1. OMG, I just, I don't know what to say to that.

  2. i have absolutely no response to that

  3. Come on guys! Don't you like the background singers! 'Knock you up!'


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