Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rescue Your Christmas Gifts

Can nobody figure out what to buy you for Christmas? Do you always end up with gift cards for places you never intend to shop? Do you always wish you had just received cash instead? Well, you are in luck! At Gift Card Rescue, you can sell your gift cards, for a small loss, for cash!

You can even exchange your gift cards for gift cards from places where you will actually shop!
You can receive up to 85 cents on the dollar for your gift cards.... I'm not sure whether the prices fluctuate after the holiday season, but the trade-in price might increase based on supply and demand.... You get paid through PayPal, and the person you received the card from will never know the difference!

And if you can't decide what to buy someone on your list, they sell gift cards at a discounted price as well.... Click on their logo to go to their site..... (By the way, I'm not getting paid for sending you to their site.... I just think it's an interesting idea....)

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