Thursday, December 17, 2009

Steve Is Back!

I'm a father of two, and Blue's Clues has played an integral part of my son's life.... I remember hearing the stories about the angry mothers and children who were upset by the departure of Steve Burns, and the installment of his replacement Donovan Patton (who played Steve's brother Joe)....

Well, Steve is back! We were watching Nick Jr. and the customary music video was playing between episodes, and Colleen screams out 'It's Steve! Steve from Blue's Clues!'. Sure enough, it was a bald Steve Burns with Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips performing the song "I Hog The Ground (The Groundhog Song)".


  1. Yeah that video is a year or 2 old. Its a cool song.

    He left because he was going bald and didn't want the kids to know. Which is why in the video he has a shaved head.

    Also he does music full time now. He has his own website and it is actually quite eclectic!

  2. wow! had no idea and to team up with Steve Drozd- can't wait to share this info with my dh. He loves the Flaming Lips!

  3. he looks better bald and with some facial hair. I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head!! Blues Clues wansn't the same when Steve left. Wasn't there a suicide rumor going around about him?

  4. Yeah, there was a suicide rumor, and I believe there was a rumor about a heroin addiction....

    Both were false apparently.


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