Monday, January 11, 2010

100 Games Cupcake Game

Jewelry artist Robin Dahlberg and friends, made a set of one hundred cupcakes depicting one hundred popular games to celebrate the 100-year birthday of her house.... Board games, video games, old games, new games....

She's also posted a close-up picture of each cupcake on her site so everyone on the internet can try to guess which game each cupcake represents.... Just run your mouse over the question mark if you're stumped.... Just click on the photo below to go play!!!!

I wonder if they were able to eat them.... They're so pretty!


  1. Those are really awesome! Thats alot of freaking cupcakes. I liked the my blog with the video game cupcakes over several cupcakes to make it like a full video game board.

  2. I saw this posted somewhere. My husband would love the pac man one among others! Too cool!

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  3. Those were awesome. I thought the sonic and mario were the best. Yeah I wonder if they ate them cuz that seems like a

  4. that is so creative and original, I love cupcakes and I would like to have one of those, do you know if they are selling those cupcakes, I'm interested in buying some


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