Sunday, January 31, 2010

And The Awards Go To

Recently, Ian at 'The Daily Dose of Reality' and Geof at 'Enter The Man Cave' (thank you both!) bestowed upon me a couple of awards.... Apparently, the rules of receiving the awards mention that you pass on the awards to other bloggers.... I only have enough time to post six, maybe I'll post more later.... So here we go.... And the awards go to:

1. Jerry at 'My Thoughts Brought To The Light': My first blog follower, my cousin-in-law, and the person who convinced me to move my blog from MySpace to Blogger....

2. Powdered Toast Man at 'Just The Cheese': Another one of my first followers, he's got a great blog! He posts great trivia and movie reviews....

3. Ally at 'Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing': A great blog about her growing up in the 70's, 80's and 90's and her favorite things! She actually wrote and received a letter from Mario Lopez during his days on Kids Incorporated! I'm so jealous! Oh, and she loves Judy Blume! Go Superfudge!

4. Eternally Distracted at 'Eternally Distracted': Read about her experiences living in a foreign country and life being 'lost in translation'.

5. Kitty at 'Kitty Tells It As It Is': She doesn't blog often, but when she does, it's great! You'll want her to post more when you read her posts about her new date! It's definitely quality over quantity!

6. Melissa at 'Sugar Filled Emotions': She's constantly trying new things with her blog, and writes about her amazing experiences with depression and anxiety, and how they affect her and her family....


  1. Congratulations to you and the people you selected for those awards! That is pretty darn cool.

  2. Oh wow! My first blogging awards. I can honestly say I feel very special. Thank you!

  3. No problem, I especially love the emotional posts about how your depression has effected your relationship with your daughter....

  4. Wow. Never figured I would get an award for my lame blog! Thank you very much. It's an honor to be appreciated. :)

  5. Coolio... I would like to thank my Mum and Dad, for creating me and my brother....

    *blushes* Thank you!

  6. I'm so honored to receive this award. I don't know who to thank. Thank you. I'll keep posting if you keep reading.


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