Friday, January 22, 2010

Are You As LOST As I Am?

Only 11 more days until the premier of the sixth season of LOST! Being that it seems like I watched the last new episode of LOST way back in the early 1990's, I was having trouble remembering a few of the details.... Until I met Mike and his extended Italian family! They have taken the time to provide a recap of the show's first five seasons in under five minutes for LandlineTV! Watch it and get caught up before the new season starts on February 2, 2010!

As a short warning, there is a commercial for Netflix at the end of the video, and I know how everybody hates commercials....


  1. Ha ha! YOu know what I'm bummed out about TV wise? No more Jersey Shore on MTV. I know I'm a class act for saying that. But I truly am bummed it's over!

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  2. LOL, I know never have to watch a single episode of Lost ever!

  3. @Suzianne We're coming over this weekend.... Let's try to recreate a show....

    @Ally Jersey Shore was so bad that it was good... I was always ridiculed for watching Flavor of Love and The Surreal Life! Celebrity Fit Club 2010 can't come soon enough!

    @Jerry You really are missing out! It's a fantastic show!

  4. What was wrong with The Surreal Life? lol! I liked every season of The Surreal Life except the last one they had, I think in '05 or '06? The one with Mrs. Brady. That one.

    I admit to never watching Lost, so I can't comment on the show. For me, I am just bummed that I have to wait a whole year for another season of Dexter. That is the show I am obsessed with at the moment as they left it on a major cliffhanger.

  5. Dexter is one of those shows that I really want to see, but have never seen one episode.... Everybody I talk to tells me that it's one of the best shows on television....

    I'm going to have to put it in my queue, and watch every single episode from the past few seasons all in a row....

    While Dexter's off, you should go watch LOST!

  6. Oh yeah.... And Mrs. Brady was all sorts of judgmental....

  7. Cannot WAIT for LOST to come back!

  8. Michael... might want to rethink Dexter. Noah would have to be sound asleep for you to watch even one episode. I tried to watch it. I heard good things about it, and so I tried... I have to say it's the most gory, uncomfortable, disgusting show. Talk about desensitization... you'd have to be totally desensitized to watch that! Sorry to all who like it, but seriously, I hope to never be that insensitive!

  9. I'll try the first episode to see if I like it.... That's when I sneak in all of my movie time, I'm not able to watch movies when Noah's awake.... I'm usually talked into playing Mario Brothers for the Wii.... He loves that game!


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